Professional WordPress Installation

WordPress is a blogging and website platform second to none.

No other platform can compare with its ease-of-use and built-in SEO functionality.

WordPress powers not only blogs, but also high-powered websites like Mashable, TED, The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and Reuters.

Write Design Media specializes in professional WordPress installation, theme customization and content creation.

We can have you up and running a fully-functional and totally tricked-out website or blog in less than a day.

Our installation service has 3 tiers: Pro, Advanced and Premium.

Our Pro Package includes:

  • Professional WordPress Installation

    Basic, cool-looking theme of your choice (we have ?? premium themes to choose from)

    5 pages, plus a blog

    Contact form

    Our standard plugin package

    Add-ons are available



Professional Theme Customization

Premium themes can take you a long way, both in personalizing your website or blog and in solidifying your brand.

But sometimes you don’t have the time or the desire to customize your site yourself. That’s what Write Design Media is here for.

We can customize your site for you.

Every project is different. Maybe you just need a few tweaks here and there. Or maybe you need a major overhaul. It all depends on what you want.

We have completed customization work for clients for as little as $150. Some of our biggest projects totaled at $6000. Again, it depends on what you want.

Contact us today to discuss the particulars of your project.

Professional Content Creation

People want value. Using the right words, in the right way, is how you provide value to folks who visit your site. It’s called copywriting… using words in such a way that it holds attention and persuades the reader to engage. An engaged reader not only becomes a customer or client, an engaged reader becomes your most valuable marketing tool… an ally. It all goes back to —


Your smartest business strategy online is to deliver excellent content that engages your visitors and converts them into your marketing allies, people who share with others the value that you provide.

  • social sharing

  • engagement

  • word-of-mouth

These things will lead to your online success.


Write Design Media is all about helping you to develop content that will generate traffic, attract links, increase subscribers, and grow revenue and profits.

Writing for the web is not the same as writing for newspapers and magazines. It’s not the same as writing term papers and books. The human eye views content on the screen in a very different way than it views content on paper.

Our Professional Content Creation Services:

Optimized Blog Posts: Blog posts are meant to engage readers, attract links and instill the desire to interact with you or your brand. It’s about content and it’s about value. It’s also about search engines. We identify blog topics for you. We write your posts. And we optimize them for search engine ranking and reader engagement.

Authority Articles: We can help establish your site as an authority on a particular subject. Authoritative sites generate inbound links and attract loyal readers. Authoritative sites also rank high on search engines.

Optimized Content: All content on your site should be optimized. Whether it’s your About page or Services or Company Profile, we craft compelling content to tell your story, to engage your readers and to rank high on search engines.

Audio / Video / Podcast Scripts: Need a script for your audio or video project? Contact us with the particulars of your project and we’ll get right to work.

Do you need help with getting the right words to do the right things online for you?

Then contact us with the particulars. We’re here to help you.


“White Hat” SEO Services

Specifics of our “White Hat” SEO Services are coming soon.

Blog Post Editing Services

Specifics of our Blogging and Blog Editing Services are coming soon.

Social Media Consulting

Specifics of our Social Media Services are coming soon.